Thursday, April 26, 2012

Is Straight Hair for the Birds?

I have tried a lot of products in an effort to have healthy straight hair.  Who hasn't?  I have spent a lot of time and money on products promising to provide results and they have left me flat or frizzy.  The most important thing to know is what kind of hair do you really have?  Do you need the heavy duty serums or a good mix of shampoo and conditioner?  If your hair is already straight or thin, you may want to skip this one but if not, stick around.   After a long quest, I have settled upon using John Frieda's "Straight Fixation" smoothing creme.  This product promises silky straight styles for up to 24 hours and they are not lying.  I apply in wet hair, then dry and straighten and my hair is a dream!  For the next day, I have great manageable hair.  I finish off my style with John Frieda's Moisture Barrier hair spray.  Both products are a bit on the expensive side but you can purchase these anywhere.  They are a great product to try before you make the leap to salon brands and end up spending $15-$20 for only a few ounces. 

I have thick, wavy hair but it is oily.  Using these products does cause my hair to get very oily by day two but it's worth it.  I use it a few times in the week and it does not cause build up in my hair either - a great bonus!  I would not recommend the Straight Fixation Creme to someone with thin or fine hair.  It would make your hair too flat and limp.  Everyone else?  Try this out!

I am not wearing makeup in this picture but I wanted to show how well these products work in my hair.