Saturday, November 17, 2012

Let's Give Thanks!

With the holiday season quickly approaching, let's take a minute to divulge into the beautiful side of things.  While you are busy trimming the turkey, baking the 15th pie for an in-law you can't stand, or simply pouring a third glass of wine because hey, you deserve it - remember to take a minute for yourself!  Here is a simple list anyone can accomplish without feeling over done. 

  • Wash your face:  I know this sounds dumb but in reality this will help to remove any excess oil from any cooking you have been doing, or any excess grime.  I love to cook and after spending a few hours over a hot stove or baking endless desserts, my face is gross.  All the steam and heat open your pores and invite red, blotchy skin.  It's a free facial but who wants a facial 10 minutes before your guests arrive?
  • Invest in some waterproof makeup:  I don't use it all the time but it's worth having when you have to go 8-10 hours without washing it off and you are too busy hugging and kissing everyone.  Who wants to give Aunt Milly a free make-over with your favorite foundation or lipstick?   It's probably not her color.  
  • Remember to keep it simple:  What does this really mean?  Don't wear makeup? Look haggard in all your holiday photos? Nope!  All this means is stick to a simple routine that you feel comfortable with that brings out your natural beauty versus trying to make a smokey eye for the first time.  This goes double for any hair style. 
  • Remember to have fun:  Really, remember this.  I know there have been holidays past that I stressed myself out  to the point it was January 15th and I wanted a holiday do-over.  It's not worth it.  Be thankful for all you have around you still, the love you share, and the fact that you still have each other.  Without family who knows what our world would be like?  Remember that others may not have it as good as you do, or they may not have as much.  It really is the little things that matter most.  

Hug. Love. Be greatful.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!