Monday, May 26, 2014

 Take a break from watching Jerry Springer, or consuming endless amounts of booze pool or ocean side, and remember why we have the day off.  Service men AND women fight tirelessly to ensure our freedom!  Even the soldiers who are here suffering; let us not forget them either.   Go team America.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Product Review: Pantene "Repair and Protect"

926182_449273181875914_1812983449_n I recently got a sample of Pantene's "Repair and Protect" in the mail.  I figured I would give it a shot because I love trying new products.  I know some who love Pantene too.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Did Louie Really Hit IT on the Head?

If you haven't heard, seen or watched the clip of Louis CK's show, "Louie," where the fat woman  voices her struggles with dating in great detail, you are missing an important conversation that is almost muted in our society.  The female character goes on about how her struggles encompass men almost living in fear of walking hand in hand with her, let alone dating her, because they are worried to be seen with her.  Louie's character gives off the usual physical and verbal reactions; looking around nervously, and spitting out the knee jerk reaction of, "No, you aren't fat" as a way to make the woman feel better about herself and almost convince himself that it is indeed okay and acceptable TO date her.  I don't necessarily agree with all of what the female character is saying, but I think it's important to start there.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Target's "Pure Energy" Plus Size Line Review

Target has a somewhat revamped plus size line called, "Pure Energy." Naturally, this line comes in items that are not cut well for a plus size shape (surprise).  I went to two (yes two) Target's in my area just to see if there was a variety of items for this line.  Not every store carries the same items, and both locations for me aren't far from each other.  Of course they have the usual suspects, dresses, tops, pants, jeans, blazers, blah blah blah.  Price points? When a top is almost as expensive as a dress, it's okay to skip on this collection.  I really miss the way Target used to be.

My favorite trick now at Target is waiting until their maternity clothes go on sale, and going on a small shopping spree.  My favorite time is when everything is $15 and under.  Their maternity clothes fit a lot better too, and the tops are longer.  Another gem of good news is they mark their stuff down a lot faster lately.  Take advantage of this!

Let me be clear:  not that I think plus size women are shaped like pregnant women, but until plus size retailers understand that just because a woman is plus size, she isn't built like a box, or she actually needs longer sleeves, not a wider midsection - plus size clothes will never fit well.  This also goes for some of those plus size boutiques that sell dresses that look like sausage casing.  Clothing should frame your shape, not squeeze you.

Have you tried this line from Target yet?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Every Day is Mother's Day

I hope you were all able to enjoy Mother's Day, spending it with those that meant the most to you.  Whether it was the woman who gave birth to you, adopted you, or raised you; each woman in your life is special and deserving of the title "Mother."  This, of course, extends to those newer Moms out there who are newly pregnant or  have young children.  Enjoy the ride, take too many pictures and spend as much time as you possibly can with them.  They grow up too fast, and you can't makeup for the lost time.

With all the special gifts we can exchange over any holiday, the best gift to give is self esteem.  Too many women of all ages are suffering, sometimes in silence due to not feeling adequate.  You are all capable, beautiful, smart, and worthy!  Remind yourself each day, and remind those wonderful women around you too.  Let's work hard to keep that gift going!  Fresh flowers are always a bonus too.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

High Heels and High Expectations

When is it okay to make the first move?  I saw a statistic earlier about how the success rate of one dating site was shy of 40%, simply because the woman made the first move, and messaged the man first.  It prompted me to think, I wonder how often women actually do make the first move, in more situations than online dating, but also in life?  We are moving at a rapid pace in modern society where women may actually end up equal to men.  Does this also translate to the relationship world?  And, will this create new gender roles in relationships?  Will a trend of women proposing to men spike in the next twenty years?  It is entirely possible!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Remember Those Little Things

I often read articles about cleaning different items in your home and life.  It's the usual list on how to maintain the dirtiest areas like the bathroom, kitchen, and possibly the laundry room.  What about the items we use every day?  The computer keyboard, mouse, TV remotes, door knobs, handles around the house and at work, common areas?  Do we forget to clean them in our routines?  it happens to the best of us.  Don't forget about your phones and tablets either!  They are covered in bacteria, and possibly fecal matter (YEP!).  Even if you have the cleanest house, the bacteria on those surfaces can be transmitted to your body making you or loved ones sick, or sicker.  Not to mention, that acne breakout you are suffering through might actually be caused by using a dirty cell phone.  It's true.  Below is a quick guide on when and how to maintain cleaning the little things.