Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Humidity? Suffering In Silence

My silence is never so silent - it is more of a calm roar like that from a lioness taking a rest after a long day of being a lioness.  It is rough out there, especially for your hair.  This weather is really playing havoc on hair styles, patience, and your wallet.  I love and prefer my hair styled with my trusty blow dryer, straightening iron and touched up by my curling iron.   Yet on days like these, I do not care enough to waste over two hours just to walk outside and my hair is instantly frizzy!  I have done that before and then started to cry silently in my car while waiting for the air conditioning to come to my rescue.  I rely on a good shampoo,  conditioner then a leave in treatment to help my wavy/curly hair regain some semblance of a curl with my faithful salon like clips. It is not my favorite style but I tolerate it because it is wash and wear and I still look human. 

I have two products that I go between due to finances really.  The cheaper option is Suave "Professionals Mousse, Captivating Curls, Whipped Cream Mousse."  It varies in price depending on where you usually shop but it's inexpensive and works well (even if it is a mouthful to say).  Even though it is a mousse product, it does not make my hair crunchy or greasy.  They advertise that it works for 24 hours.  I find I get a good 18 hours out of the product before I am ready to wash it out.  Then again, my hair is very oily so 18 hours out of 24 hours is a very good deal.  Also, this product does last a while.  You truly only need a small dab and it will do ya'.  My hair is also very long and I do not need much for my desired result.  

The more expensive option is a product called, Miss Jessie's "Quick Curls."  This product is amazing but expensive at $32 for 8oz of product.  I shampoo, condition then add a small amount of this product to damp hair and away I go.  It dries well, no oily feeling on the hair, no odd smells, nothing!  This does last a solid 24 hours and you will get your money's worth from the tube.  I have not seen it in stores but that does not mean it is not there. 
Miss Jessie's Products  This is a link to the website where you can research the product plus other wonderful items. 

All in all, do not let the bad weather make you loose all hope for cute summer hair styles.  I am making more of an effort to work with my hair sans styling tools and I think I hear it quietly saying, "thank-you!"