Friday, May 4, 2012

What's Your Unibrow Situation?

I have thick eyebrows that try and meet in the middle to discuss politics, or whatever they do to shame me into not wanting to go out in society.  I used to pluck them when I was younger, sat through wax torture one time in my life and have settled upon using an eyebrow razor to keep them in check.  This has somewhat worked but I knew they didn't look as great as they could.  Let's face it, we all want that perfect arch that actually lasts longer than a day (or three if you are lucky).  If you have found something that works well for your face, mazel tov!  My experience with waxing was so incredibly painful that it changed my view on torturing war criminals.  I was later told that the girl wasn't too experienced and it shouldn't hurt "that much."  C'est la vie?  C'est mal. :(     To me, pain is pain, and I don't believe beauty should be so painful that your skin is red for most of the day,  and your hair doesn't grow back properly afterward. 

As we age, our skin changes; period.  Everything changes.  Eyebrows included.  Skin sags, and if you over pluck or over wax when you are young, once you hit your 40s, they won't look right on your face anymore.  You will get your intended result of the hair growing in finer but it will be harder to style on your face.  If you are looking for an alternative or want to try something new, I suggest the technique of "Stringing."  They use regular string to whisk away unwanted hair on your eyebrows, upper lip, chin - whatever you need done on your face.  I am not sure how many higher end salons do this but it gives proven results and it is fairly inexpensive.  Mine cost $12 (plus a $2 tip).  I think $14 every month is worth it.  There is an extra charge if you want your upper lip done as well and any other facial hair but it is still worth it.  The results last and your hair will grow back in at a slower pace each time you have it done.  It's also not too painful and is great for sensitive skin.  No creams, no wax, no redness - just positive results. 

There are a lot of locations, I usually go to the location in my local mall.  I do have a few suggestions before you head in.  Make sure you know your face.  If you have thick eyebrows, just have them clean up the edges and trim their length. The trimming is included in the price.  For those with thinner brows, have them contour your eyebrows so it will be easier when/if you use a pencil to fill them in.  Also, a big one, make sure they use hand sanitizer before they start working on your face.  If they don't have a bottle sitting out, or they say they don't use it or make a big deal out of using it- get up and leave.  They are working very close to your eyes.  You don't want any extra bacteria sliding down there.  Why risk getting yourself sick or an infection?  That is not cute.

I have been doing this over the past year and love the results each time. 

On the left is the before, and the right is the after.  

Good luck! 

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