Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Everyone Is Irish on St. Patty's Day!

        This may not be an official holiday but it is something a lot of people celebrate with feats of Irish food and green beer.  I grew up celebrating with a pot of gold placed in the living room filled with gold wrapped candy, corn beef, mashed potatoes and soda bread.  As an adult, I like to throw in my own new traditions by adding green makeup and accessories to the mix and alcohol.   Of course, I want you to act responsibility when it comes to the makeup, accessories and booze but remember to have fun with it.  It is a day to let go of your everyday worries and socialize, make new friends or even find that special someone.  Themed parties are great places to meet new people and loved ones. 
                This is a great opportunity to throw a party with great decorations.  Do not feel as if you need to spend in excess to decorate.  Most dollar stores or store like them have great options that you can end up recycling or reusing the next year.  I love throwing a great party and bringing people together.  Plus, this is a great way to have a no-stress mixer for your single friends to mix and mingle.  The menu can be simple and healthy too.  You can incorporate green veggies and green goddess dressing instead of the usual onion dip.  Don’t forget about dark green leaves for a nice healthy salad.  Who says you have to have heavy, fattening meals to have a good party?   There are plenty of green options you can configure to be a part of this party.  If you want to use traditional Irish food, there are numerous ways to prepare the food in a more healthy way.  You can use red potatoes instead of regular white potatoes as an example.  It tastes just as great too!  The same rules apply to your drink menu.  Be creative in your selections and create your own concoction to go along with the theme of the party.  If you plan on going out, remember to set a budget not only for your wallet but for your health and wellness.  While it is very tempting to take advantage of the endless pitchers of green beer or whatever else you fancy, your body and wallet will pay the ultimate price.  Moderation is the key!  

Remember to have fun, smile, and put your best foot forward on this greenest of holidays! 

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