Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let's Take a Dip

           Swimsuits.  One piece, two-piece, tankini, sporty – there are many options when it comes to how you choose to express yourself pool side or temporarily becoming a mermaid at the beach.  Is there a rule when it comes to the different styles?  I don’t think so.  I know the culture in America is if you aren’t less than 100lbs, you have no business in a two-piece and should keep yourself locked in your cage until Fall.  I like to think while this is utterly hilarious, it simply isn’t true.  Who cares, right?  If it fits you properly, then rock it like it’s fashion week right there in the sand.  I love the patterns, styles and different cuts when it comes to swim suits but some caution should be taken into consideration.  Let’s be honest about our body shapes and fit. 
                There is a growing trend in plus size swim suits where they have supportive two-piece suits because not all plus size women have a large chest.  We aren’t unicorns, I promise.  We are just normal women who want great support in all areas of our bodies.  I don’t firmly believe in the built in bra top swimsuits but if it’s your fancy, then by all means – purchase away.  The thing is, most suits now come with a bra shelf that is supportive, as well as straps that can be adjusted for greater accuracy when it comes to fit for the girls.  That way they aren’t smashed together like fresh bread at the bottom of a shopping bag.  They can breathe and flounce around like you are Mae West in a photo-shoot.  I also love halter style suits because they give the best cleavage and support.  The only downside is after a few hours you want to give your neck a break but that’s fine.  It’s the perfect excuse to change into a great summer dress and do some shopping or site seeing.  

                How far to the bottom?  Your bottom should also be taken into consideration.  Find something that not only flatters but has great fit.  For me, I don’t like anything outside of a hipster like cut, or a boyshort cut.  I want more coverage without feeling like I have a wedgie.  Some women prefer a thinner cut and I say go for it if you are comfortable and feel comfortable in it.  Who is to tell you otherwise?  They have great styles now with swim skirts that come in one piece, two-piece, and the tankini style bottoms.  It’s very feminine and not frumpy like the plus size swimsuits of yesteryear.  I used to have an ugly plaid swimsuit.  I hated that thing, but it was the only one I could find in my size at the time.  I’m so happy things have changed!  

                Let’s uncover the nasty truth when it comes to swimsuits.  The price.  I know most people don’t go swimming every day and probably only take one, maybe two vacations in the summer unless they live close to a beach so you aren’t using your swimsuit often enough to justify spending $100-$200 on it.  I know some people want to buy a new one each year too and find it difficult to find their size or something that will fit properly.  I have to tell you that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a great fit and great style.  There are many stores that offer plus sized swim suits that DO fit and won’t kill your wallet.  You may feel inclined to buy two suits each season, and yes, they will last for a few years.  I bought a tankini from Target that has lasted 5 years.  The color hasn’t faded nor the fit.  I wore that thing out over those 5 years.  I also have a one piece from Walmart that has lasted quite a while as well.  Last year I started to look elsewhere for something new just to see if it was possible and frankly, it was.  I wasn’t directed to the shameful area in the back of the store where the lightening is horrible and items don’t have pairs.  They had plus size stuff on display with everything else and I found my size easily and effortlessly.  This was at JCPenny.  I also stocked up on additional bottoms to go with that suit at Target because they always has great, reasonable prices on swimsuits.  Yes, even the plus-sized ones.  You really can’t beat it.  They also have a lot of choices too so don’t feel like you have to buy a black swimsuit because you are over a size 12.  

                The important thing to remember is do not tell yourself that you are not worthy of wearing something because you haven’t hit your goal weight.  Also, do NOT buy anything thinking you will lose another x amount of pounds before summer.  This is such a dangerous trap that women setup for themselves each and every year.  I always see the diet commercials start right after Christmas promising and boasting that you will lose that “holiday weight” or hit your goal so you will look like a swimsuit model come summer.  Love the skin you are in, folks.  Don’t be scared to try a tankini, two-piece or a new pattern or color.  Taking risks and building your confidence are what makes the human experience exciting.  If anything, work on hitting that goal in self-confidence.  Dare to be different this summer!  

This is the suit I bought recently for this summer: 

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