Monday, January 21, 2013

A Journey to the End of the Tube

"Can you paint my eyes to match my gown?"  Is a line from the movie, "Wizard of Oz."  The scene is when Dorthy and the gang are being given a makeover before seeing the wizard.  The line is sung by Dorthy and gives an implication that this makeover is futuristic where anything can happen.  As we are now aware, you can change the color of your eyes temporarily to various colors with the use of colored contacts.  They operate just like regular contacts and can be purchased online and in some stores.  Another way to give your eyes some magic is by using mascara.  It sounds simple enough but which brand do you choose?  Which works the best?  Why is there clear mascara?

Let's break down the basics:  You are standing in the makeup aisle presented with numerous choices of colors and brands that promise you the moon and it produces some anxiety.  I understand because I've been there and spent a lot of money testing and hoping this new tube would deliver on its promises.  First, you need to decide what kind of eyelashes you have.  Are they thin, short, long, thick?  For every face who chooses to use mascara, make sure your face and eyelashes are clean.  I can not stress this enough.  Do not share any form of makeup products either.  What goes on your face should only go on your face.  You don't want someone elses germs to end up in your eyes, do you?  Right.  Don't share!  I've used eyelash curlers and I have never found they do anything for my lashes.  If they work for you then by all means, keep using them.

Color:  What color are your lashes naturally?  For those with lighter lashes, stick to the light brown or brown option.  Upon application and drying, it will look more natural and less clumpy.  Also, I would suggest using clear mascara as well.  It will give you a similar effect and more natural for those who do not like to wear makeup.  Also, a good choice for sensitive eyes.  For those with darker lashes, you know the drill.  You have the choice of flat black and jet black.  The flat color, depending on the maker, may have some brown in it but if you want the jet black look, look for the option for the darkest black they make.  Products do have color numbers on them too to help guide you in finding exactly what you want.

Product:  Plump, volume, curl, lift - There are many options that these tubes claim to do for you.  The sad truth is that if your lashes aren't already long, adding mascara is not going to lengthen them; even if you are using a product that claims to make them longer.  If you don't use fake lashes, your lashes aren't going to do much with mascara but stand up a bit.  For a longer lash, try using false lashes.  They are inexpensive and found at most stores.  They usually come with the glue too. 

Price:  I can suggest brands that will run you upwards of $35+ a tube and some as cheap as a dollar a tube - Guess which price point works better?  They are the same.  Yes. They are the same.  If you use mascara every day, your tube contents will only last about two weeks before drying out.  If you don't use it as often then it will probably last a month max but that is if you are lucky.  No other brand out preforms another and no other brand outlasts another.  In my experience, I've found that Maybeline is great but due to recent budget changes, I picked up a tube from the dollar store on a whim.  I was shocked that it works just as well and lasts the same amount of time.  With that switch, I saved about $5 a tube.  Crazy, right? 

Keeping Things Clean:  I wanted to add a section about this because I've seen first hand people spitting into a tube or adding tap water in order to resurrect their mascara to save money.  I beg anyone who does that to stop immediately!  There is bacteria in your spit and even tap water that you do not need to expose to your eyes.  Not everyone has the cleanest tap water either.  Remember, mascara sits on your eyelashes and right near your eye opening so  any nasty germ can wiggle its way into your body causing an infection.  Also, if you feel that your brand does last longer than a month, the max you should keep the same tube of mascara is 45 days from when you open it.  Don't think you can save it, just toss it and buy something new.  You will notice after 2-3 weeks the product starts to dry out.  It won't apply easily anymore, and it will clump on your lashes.  Save yourself the grief and end the affair.  Also, keep in mind any allergies you might have to specific products.  

Application:  Your mascara should glide on easily and you should go slow starting on the outside working your way in.  Going slow helps in getting each lash in line and avoids accidentally getting any product in your eye.  I've done that before and it hurts ( a lot ) ! 

All in all, remember to have fun with it and research your options.  Don't get stuck with a brand because you are used to buying it. You may find you like something else better. 

This is what I'm currently using:


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