Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Value of Beauty ?

We hear this almost every day but what does it really mean in our lives?  What is the standard of beauty that we hold hostage over every girls head?  Reminding them to hate themselves 24 out of 24 hours in a day?  We start young, instilling envy with a recipe found on the cover of every magazine, telling them to be somebody because they simply aren't enough.  Why do some companies have to fight so hard to campaign for real beauty?  I've noticed that it finally took almost 60 years for women to accept being a blond truly isn't more fun nor does it imply stupidity.  They can be a redhead, brunette or have purple, pink or bright green hair and they are still beautiful, with brains to boot.

The lines on your face, the freckles that were sprinkled on your skin through a chef inspired round of DNA or the curves of your skin all encompass beauty and you.  Simply, you.  Nothing more, nothing less, nothing in between - no funny business or mess.  These girls, they are dying, their spirits are missing.  Where are the detectives putting out a APB?  Return these girls their sanity, return them their favor, but for God's sake, return them their individuality!  They are cutting pieces of themselves away, with only scars that reveal a treasure map of depression that is induced by standards that are unrealistic or rejection that is unrealistic.  They are starving or over-feeding the monster that lives in the basement and it's growing over powerful to the point it is shaking and destroying their foundation. 

Soulless eyes, dark hearts with sprouts of bleached ambition on top.  I want you to sing with a heart full of gladness, and a mind full of equations.  Always ready for adventure, and ready to change the world.  Progress into the next dimension while you are at it; never stop until you hit the edge then simply keep going.  Remember that you are beauty intensified, you are a delicious morsel waiting to be devoured by life and its riches.  Form your own path because these old roads are leading nowhere fast to the edge of a cliff and dear, I hope you don't fall off.

I love you and YOU should love you! 

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