Sunday, January 27, 2013

Super Bowl ? Hockey? What?

I am not crazy about professional sports but everyone is buzzing about the upcoming Super Bowl.  I honestly have no clue who is playing or where it is being held.  I only remember the NFL being on lock out?  For those who are savvy to everything football, I hope your team wins or you at least have a great party to attend soon with great food.   What does a beauty blog have to do with professional sports?  Crazy. 

I do think it is possible to be a sports fan and still look cute.  I know women who have met their current boyfriends or husbands at sporting events; it's a great meet (or meat) market.  A lot of companies make different style and sized items that will look great on any figure, so don't feel as if you have to wear that over-sized sweatshirt or t-shirt and ratty jeans to the game because that's all you have.  The prices vary but it's reasonable if you are an avid sports fan. 

For those who are hoping to score, remember that less is more.  You do not need to hit the beauty salon for a trip to the game.  I know women who do this.  A simple messy bun with bangs or a side bang works wonders.  Also, go easy on the makeup.  I know women who go to different sporting events in full face makeup.  They're doing this in the midst of summer to baseball games and half way through the game their face looks as if it is melting.  It's not cute, ladies.  Also, nix the heels and don't drink too much (I don't care what you are hiding in your water bottle).  Heels are awesome but sitting for two hours and having to walk half a mile for beer or to the bathroom, it becomes painful and pointless.  Last but not least, remember to wear the brightest attraction; a smile.  It's corny yes but it makes a big difference.  You never know who will receive that smile or where it will lead. 

Remember to have fun and maintain the art and heart of sportsmanship!  

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