Friday, April 5, 2013

Dear World

    I see you are upset and offended by Target’s choice in name for a color of a dress.  The same store that I obsessively shop in and I’m sure most of you shop in as well.  I want to remind you that the sad reality of the fact that high school never really ends.  You have to find which battles are worth fighting over.  There are still bullies on the playground, and yes, that guy in accounting can be a real dick.  I get it; I experience it and see it for myself every day of my adult life.  The reality is this, you have to stop letting these words hurt.  You are more than a word on a page, no matter how dirty and dark it is.  You are worthy of love, acceptance and happiness.  When the aggressor knows their arrow has stung you, where do you think they are going to strike again?  It’s time to thicken our skin.  

   I’m a plus size woman, and no matter how much I diet and exercise, I will always be in the realm of being plus size.  This label is what I use because I don’t see the dirty in it.  My bones will never shrink my frame down to the size 8 so many women aspire to be.  I’m also tall.  I’m almost 5 ft 8 inches tall.  I’m just me – that’s all I know how to be.  When you learn to love yourself and accept that you are enough for the world, things like being referred to as “fat” will pass over you as casually as someone saying it might rain today.  If you are empowered to get healthy, I commend you on your new life choice and empower you to do it for your own gain, not because someone told you to put down the fork.  Discrimination exists only because we allow it.  Rise above this cloud of stupidity and work on being you in all of your glory.  We need individuals to keep the Earth moving forward, not sheep.  

   If you are deeply offended by this, I want to run and give you the biggest hug!  There are so many people out there who kill themselves over the bullying that goes on, especially when they’re being called “fat” all day at school, work or anywhere.  Please know that you are loved by many people and those who hurt you are hurting the most.  If you feel there is no way out, please talk to someone or talk to me – find an outlet somewhere in your life.  Your life is worth more than their ignorance.  
              I love you and you should love you too!

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